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16 essentials to pack for your dog friendly staycation

16 essentials to pack for your dog friendly staycation

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It’s happening. You’ve booked your dog friendly staycation and you’re almost ready to set off for a great British adventure together.

But you’ve got that niggling feeling that you’re forgetting something important for your holiday with your four-legged pal.

Panic not, we’ve compiled everything you could need for your staycation with dogs in our essential packing checklist, so you don’t leave anything behind.

So you can relax and concentrate on planning where to go and what to do on your upcoming dog friendly staycation.

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What do I need to pack for my dog friendly staycation?

1. Plenty of your dog’s preferred food

The last thing you want to do when you’re on holiday is search every pet shop within a 30-mile radius for your dog’s usual food. Changing your dog’s food on a whim is a quick route to an upset tummy, and nobody wants their holiday cottage or hotel room to be covered in the repercussions of that!

2. Food and Water Bowl

Ellie Merlin Bowl

Depending on where you’re staying they may provide dog bowls but it’s best to be prepared. You don’t want an enormous bowl for your chihuahua or a tiny bowl for your St. Bernard. If you’re travelling with more than one dog then pack a food bowl each for them. You can check out our studio pottery dog bowls here.

3. Dog bed and blankets

Your dog’s bed and some comfy blankets that smell like home can help your dog to settle in new environments.Not all pet friendly accommodation will provide bedding and many aren’t keen on dogs on the furniture, so ensuring you have a familiar and comfortable place for your dog to rest can help him to relax.

4. Dog training treats and long-lasting chews

If you’re set to be out exploring new environments or whiling away a couple of hours in a pub or restaurant then taking some delicious treats and chews for your dog will make it a happier experience for everyone. Save your yummiest dog chews for when you’re settling down for a meal and it’ll help your dog to settle down so you can eat in peace. Exciting new environments can also mean your dog’s recall goes a little awry so your stash of super training treats will make for happier staycation dog walks.

5. Poo bags

They’re in every pocket and bag you own but you might be surprised how many you get through on holiday with your dog. They don’t take up too much room, so pack a few rolls to ensure you’re not caught short.

6. Lead and collar - don’t forget your dog’s tag

Border Collies Merlin Leather Leads

Hopefully, you’ll be off out every day discovering new places with your dog. Not everywhere you visit will be suitable for off-lead walkies so make sure you pack a comfortable lead and collar, and don’t forget your dog’s tag in the event he wanders astray. It’s worth packing a spare just in case you misplace your lead or it breaks. You
can find our beautiful leather dog lead and collar sets here if you’d like a beautiful new lead for your holiday.

7. Dog enrichment toys for boredom

Whether you’re going for long beach walks with your dog or ambling around the Great British countryside, it’s nice to have a couple of your dog’s toys with you to play with. If you’re likely to want to pop out and leave your dog at your accommodation for a while then an enrichment toy such as a Kong or Lickimat may help to keep your dog entertained for a while.

8. Dog towel and dog shampoo

There’s no greater sight than a dog having a wholeheartedly whale of a time. But often that means filth or at the very least, saltwater! Whether your dog has been swimming in the sea, rivers or splashing about in the mud, you will be grateful to have some dog shampoo on hand! Your friendly accommodation hosts will appreciate it too!

9. Dog Fleece or raincoat

Merlin Dogs Polartec Fleece Union Jack

Oh, the great British weather! Who knows when you’ll be caught in a downpour or when the temperature will drop considerably. A dog fleece wicks away the moisture from your dog’s body so will help to keep your dog warm and dry, whatever the weather. Save your dog the shivers with a dog fleece here.

10. Medication 

If your dog takes any regular medication or needs painkillers once in a while then it’s worth checking you have enough in advance of your holiday so you can contact your vet if needed. If your dog is arthritic or has had injuries in the past then a holiday full of walks and adventure may mean they need some painkillers while you’re away. Perhaps your dog suffers from travel sickness and may need some medication for the journey.

11. Dog First Aid Kit

We hope you won’t need it, but it’s great peace of mind to have a simple first aid kit packed for your dog friendly travels. Make sure your dog first aid kit includes a tick remover as at certain times of the year these little beasts can be a bit of a pain.

12. Pet insurance documents, microchip details, and your vet’s phone number

Hopefully, you won’t need them, but if there is an incident requiring medical attention then you will be so much calmer knowing you have all of your documents with you. You won’t have to scrabble around trying to lay your hands on information or searching through all your emails to find it, so you can focus completely on your dog.

13. Stain remover and a lint roller

If you’ve found a beautiful dog friendly place to stay then you’ll want to leave it just as you’ve found it. Pack yourself some stain and odour remover suitable for upholstery and carpets, and take a lint roller with you to remove any excessive dog hair left lying around!

14. Your dog’s brush

If you have a long haired dog breed or a shedder then pack your dog’s brush for a spot of outdoor grooming to reduce the amount of dog hair you’ve got to clean up at your dog friendly stay.

15. Dog travel bag

If you’re staycation with your puppy for the first time then they may not be able to keep up the pace! A dog travel bag means you can comfortably carry your dog so she can enjoy the views without overdoing it. They’re great for older small dog breeds too.

16. Camera

Polartec Dog Fleece

There is no such thing as too many pictures of your dog and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Holidaying with your dog is an incredible bonding experience and your staycation will be full of memories you want to capture and cherish. Snap, snap, snap away!
We’d love to see your dog friendly staycation snaps! Please share away. Go on, give us holiday envy and share your dog friendly staycation finds with our community.